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Music Library Association No.186 Jul-Aug 2016
Diversity Scholarship Fund News

Lindsay Hansen, Diversity Scholarship Fundraising Subcommittee

Great news! Thanks to your generous donations and pledges, we have exceeded our goal of $10,000 to meet Judy Tsou's match!

In other good news, it is not too late to contribute:

Our overall goal is to endow the Diversity Scholarship Fund at $50,000 so that it is healthy enough to grant scholarships. While we are much closer thanks to your contributions and Judy's matching donation, we are still in need of additional donations. And the best part is, now you have the opportunity to give in any amount you choose whether it is a one-time or recurring gift!

Visit the Donate to MLA page for more information.

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logo of the California Chapter

Lindsay Hansen, Diversity Scholarship Fundraising Subcommittee and the California Chapter

During the recent business meeting of the California Chapter, the membership voted unanimously to contribute $500 to the Diversity Scholarship Fund. We challenge other chapters to contribute at any level--no amount is too big or small!

If your chapter has a healthy budget, please consider donating to this worthy cause!

More information can be found on the Diversity Fund Scholarship page.

Questions on how to send funds from your chapter? Contact the MLA Business Office.

THANK YOU to the members of the California Chapter for the contribution and the challenge!

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